1on1 Football Training Brisbane

Our 1o​n1 Football Training is a great way to get started or focus on specific skills & objectives.

Benefits of 1on1 Football Training

Football Training with Focus

Our training accelerates the rate of key football development aspects, like these:

  • Ball control & first touch
  • Technique improvement
  • Physical performance development
  • Football IQ & situational awareness

Footballer Mentoring & Feedback

The biggest advantage of 1on1 Football Training sessions are the direct real-time assessment, feedback and Q&A opportunities.

When is 1on1 Football Training best applied?

It is best suited to a specific purpose and objective. Goal orientated development with realistic plan and expectation setting.

Typical appropriate scenarios:

  • Beginners getting started with the basics
  • Transitioning from injury rehabilitation to a match ready state
  • Exposure to a specific skill-set not taught in clubs & academies
  • Physical performance assessment and elite level development

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"Jheison experience is comparable to none. We cannot recommend him enough."
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