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Tell us about your experience with us Being the best means always looking to learn and improve. With the help of your feedback, we can reach new heights for our football training quality and results for our athletes. FEEDBACK FORM This feedback form only takes 1 – 2 minutes and the value to everyone involved […]

Lions FC are 2019 NPL QLD Premiers If you didn’t know, that’s 2 QLD NPL premierships in a row for Lions FC! (QLD NPL Premiers 2018 & 2019) Our Coaches played! Congratulations to our guys Jheison & Joshua on their great 2019 season with the club. It was a great birthday for Jheison:[0]=68.ARDzl1KQmunL4le-QG9rkcb_1o96zGa2UjSvcmaWr9rQ7GoZqLJ_nhnSlumYaCEKMkixg6xgq3pF9I3QdOhYIyfN3lal5zSyU3wCrlM_ytYPJDZNa636kYaF7QfnfpV58RvYMi6W2o8D6MQ_5h4XboJVm77tOji6KbtCzOlD4uTf41LgSYDEQi7yuMBPociVPxZ2ihT95bPc-CuurvD_id0JX1OQJ3-Q3_1_X5J1cDJR9NIiiMeZgAZksawlzQvjOYjb3rQtVNBf1GHmlhGSK9Arlf4kWHfdhjiVoB24U48PT81IYfdnZ33B2Vj_tbeTc4DeKqo-KhXXz8q_insQx2I&__tn__=-R One of our Athletes played! An especially […]

School Holiday Football Clinic – With Special Guest!

Attacking & Creativity Football Clinic We have a great new school holiday football clinic coming up in July that focuses on Attacking & Creativity in Football. Attending this clinic will be a special guest NPL and A League player. View Full Details

Jheison with Lions FC take on Adelaide United FC in 2018 FFA Cup Round of 16

Support Jheison and Lions FC in FFA Cup Round of 16 Jheison will be playing in this match when Lions FC take on A-League team Adelaide United FC in the 2018 FFA Cup round of 16. When: Wednesday, 29 August 2018 – 7:30pm kickoff Where: Perry Park, Brisbane (Map / Directions) Cost: $10 entry […]

Jheison Macuace to Hume City FC!

Jheison has been signed to Hume City FC in Melbourne, Australia. Here’s an article from the Hume FC Website: JHEISON MACUACE SIGNS ON FOR 2018!