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We are Elite Football Trainers in Brisbane

Elite Football Trainers building fundamentals and accelerating the advanced development of footballers to elite levels.

About Us

We are accomplished football professionals that are passionate about developing skillful and intelligent footballers. We are based in Brisbane, Australia.

Elite Football has the ability to open many doors in life, ours is open to you.

Meet Our Leader

Jheison Macuae

JHEISON MACUACEHead Coach & Founder

Colombian Age International, Academia FC, Redlands United, Strikers FC, Lions FC

Our Commitment to Excellence

We are committed to providing progressive, challenging and rewarding experiences for all our athletes.

Elite International Football Trainers & Players

At Macuace Football, many of our trainers are elite footballers themselves. These trainers came up in football rich cultures from around the world.

The unique skills and experiences they share are from competitions that are significantly different to Australian domestic standards.

What We Do

Macuace Football Coaches



Head Coach & Founder


Coach - North Brisbane


Specialty Coach - Attacking & Finishing Clinic


Specialty Coach - Attacking & Creativity Clinic

Client Testimonials

We are seriously committed to our clients, and the results show.


Determined to be Champion?

Our Football Development Program is the fastest and most affordable way to boost your game.

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